How the Growth Mindset Affected Me

Syahdan Edy Murad
4 min readSep 22, 2019


A life-changing mindset that playing a key role in my professional journey.

“Growth Mindset”

Everybody nowadays talks a lot about this term.

For me, this way of thinking has been embarking on me through my professional career and has done a big impact on my daily life, and might be it could help you too, since at first sometimes I just found out stuck in these situations

“I didn’t know where to start or how to start it”
“I might get lost along the way”

If I could illustrate “how this works from my version”.

There are two types of conditions faced in real life. Sometimes it goes up or you can call it “joy”, and well sometimes goes down or tough times through the times goes by or you call it “tough”. and just mention this as a “moment”

With these two major conditions (a single moment) there will be a “cause and effect” that happen between joy and toughness, which means each of them related to each other, and will affect both sides. For example, sometimes I tried to work hard too much and easily became burnout or stressful and doing a long run to go vacation.

On these two major conditions. There are special states that I want to highlight and playing a big role in the growth that I faced.

Keypoints that I will be a highlight are the point where you start it, on the process, and end it. The reason is, these keypoints will help you to measures points on each stage, like the moment you start something, you can do more, or just take a break.

Define Keypoints

To define it, I ask myself to know it and jot down it, for instance

  1. “Why I do this? What are the things that I want to achieve in the end?”
  2. “What the parameters that I need to know to stop or I could push it?”
  3. “How big a single improvement (learning new methods, or framework) you can handle on length of the timeline (1 month)?”
  4. “Which solution more visible, viable, and desirable?”

After that, you’re ready to go! and do some iteration on your learning process which one is effective and which one could be enhanced.

Running Up Iterations

After iterating your learning process, again and again, you will find your own pattern and growth, and each of the process itself you will find that you’re capability is increase.

And that’s the way I apply a growth mindset in my daily life.

There are several suggestions that I want to share to enhance your learning process along the way.

1. Consistent

Just take a daily routine to hone your skills, might be on the weekend or each day spend 1 hour, you decide. The result doesn’t look instant, it takes time and commitment to do it. Take some rest if you need it, you know yourself better than anyone.

2. Trackable

Try to always put a note on what you want to achieve after you have done something, what you miss, what could be improved, etc. The reason to do this is to make yourself know the keypoints and not get lost along the way.

3. Mindset

Previously I see all the things that don’t fit as an obstacle, and then along the way it changes to “challenge”. But from now on, I see it as an “opportunity”

Thank you for reading this article hope it could help you to develop your growth journey



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