My Journey at Grab

Syahdan Edy Murad
3 min readMay 1, 2019


Time flies when I remember getting into University, going through the years of study, campus activities, and then finally graduating. At that moment, I was very happy and grateful, and then I thought to myself, “What’s next, dude?” With less knowledge to start my career path, I began a journey to search for a method that would enrich me to understand more about professional work life.

That’s when I decided to apply for an internship program at Grab and you know what? I got accepted! Woohoo! So I began the internship program in Grab as a Graphic Designer in the Talent Acquisition Team.

“How did I feel? I felt incredible, grateful and happy at the same time! I mean, I got accepted as an intern in this company!”

Literally, it was a challenging moment. In the first month, I had to adapt to a new situation, in a fast-paced tech company like Grab. As an Intern, I handled various several graphic design projects, such as assisting people operations, employer branding, and corporate culture at Grab and Kudo.

During these projects, I learned the basics and know-how of the design work, such as starting from the design flow, how to deploy the design, seeing the design with a business mindset as a company including from the guideline, and how to “break” the rule, and many more.

Besides the project that I do, I believed that I had come to the right department, the People Operations (POPS) team at Grab. What I learned is, as you can see, Grab is a tremendously big company, right? The reason for it, not just because it’s “Grab”. Actually, it’s because of the people who run the engine at Grab, who support each other side by side, helping each other back to back, and at the same time, tend to also walk in other people's shoes.

When I was an Intern, I was surrounded by people who really want me to do my best by pushing my boundaries because they believe that I can do it. I just wanna say many thanks to them, to the pops team who really support me as an intern, help me to adapt to the new career life, new environment, etc.

Mindsets that I got from this internship moment, it’s “Sustainability Advancement”, whatever it takes. One day, one week or one month is to advancement, where there must always be progress in my personal life, that includes progress of skills, communication, and all types of knowledge.

Always craving to learn more and more.

I learned how to “Bounce Back”. Bouncing back really helped me surpass the projection that I made for myself. Life isn’t always good, life doesn’t always make you feel good, life will have you go up and down like a roller coaster ride. So where is the good news? You still can fight back! you still can move forward! Bouncing back more and more, after getting knocked down time again and again. These mindsets will help you bring more positiveness in your work life.

Another good news is, you can always bounce back higher and higher!

At the end of this Internship Journey, all I can say

Moments at Grab — Syahdan (Jan-Apr, 2019)

Thank you Grab. Thank you Grab POPS & Creative Indonesia Team. I really enjoy the ride!



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